Boosting Customer Experience (CX) with (DMS)

Let’s confront the unsettling reality head-on– the digital landscape is a battleground, and businesses are grappling with the alarm bells sounding for their survival. Studies reveal that an astonishing 86% of consumers are demanding an experience that leaves them breathless, willing to spend more for that ecstatic rush.

Meanwhile, 73% of businesses are scrambling to stay afloat by recognizing customer experience as the ultimate differentiator. And drumroll, please – a jaw-dropping 65% of consumers have abandoned ship due to abysmal customer experiences.

Digitization has changed the way we live, work, buy, and sell products and services. In these competitive times, embracing digital solutions is the key to staying relevant in business. Most organizations use a plethora of software for various processes to make the workflow more straightforward and more efficient. There are hundreds of off-the-shelf software products that can help with almost all aspects of any business accounting, customer service, human resources, etc. However, all organizations, including your competitors have access to the same set of software and applications.

‍So, how do you create something unique – something that gives you an edge? Changing your business processes with document management software tweaked for your custom needs is a good starting point. This will allow your organization to improve the end-to-end process enabling you to offer a customer experience that is unparalleled in your industry. DMS can empower your organization with next-gen technology and help you boost the customer experience (CX) for your business

Document management and customer experience (CX), How does it mix?

‍Customer Experience is how customers perceive a brand throughout their entire journey with the said brand. It is an important aspect since customer experience can impact the bottom line of the organization. A positive customer experience ensures loyalty and helps you retain customers while boosting brand advocacy. In today’s times, buyers are more powerful than sellers. They have a wide range of options to choose from and endless resources to educate themselves and choose the right products/services.

‍In traditional business models, legacy systems and processes that didn’t communicate with each other failed to create a memorable customer experience. With organizations getting digitally transformed, most businesses realize that automation is the key to amazing customer experiences – a streamlined and automated process that is error-free and efficient.

‍Here are some ways in which DMS can help boost customer experience:

  1. It helps automate tasks

‍One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to automate tasks. This increases efficiency and reduces human error making the customer journey seamless and smooth. Many next-gen organizations use DMS’s intelligent process automation to automate repetitive processes to improve customer service. DMS helps process various customer-related documents to make these automated processes more effective and relevant. A typical customer journey involves self-serviceable automated tasks for easy queries and human interaction for complex ones. Overall, the customer has a more satisfying experience.

  1. It ‍improves customer response times

‍Today, customers have less patience to wait for a resolution to their queries. In the world of instant food and instant pictures, people expect an instant query resolution too. While that might not be always possible, DMS solutions help improve customer response times leading to a better customer experience. With DMS, the organization can ensure that all structured and unstructured data about a particular customer is stored in a common software accessible at all touchpoints. This ensures that customers receive instant responses to simple queries (think chatbots) and that customer service professionals have access to the same information across the organization to answer complex queries.

  1. It reduces human error

‍One of the biggest benefits of automating processes through document management systems is the reduction of human error. The manual conversion of physical documents to structured data can lead to several discrepancies or errors. Hence, one of the best ways to reduce human error in a workflow is to identify the sub-processes that can be automated with ease. With DMS processes inspired by intelligent document processing, data extraction from most types of unstructured documents is possible making it a good way to automate a process and reduce human error.

  1. Easy And efficient onboarding of new customers

‍In service-related businesses like insurance, loans, banking, etc., there is a lot of paperwork involved while onboarding a new customer. From forms to declarations, and personal documents to legal papers, the list is huge. By using DMS, organizations can ensure that all these documents are automatically fed into the business applications and workflows making the on-boarding process quicker and more efficient. This is the customer’s first interaction with the brand and a quick and error-free experience can go a long way in boosting customer experience.

  1. Turns customer experience to customer delight

‍DMS benefits various stages of customer interaction. Right from the time the customer first interacts with the brand to query resolution and retention, DMS can help turn an experience into delight. As most organizations struggle with volumes of data coming via various channels and in different formats, an intelligent document processing platform that can help convert all the information into digital data can form a good foundation for creating automated workflows and processes.

‍For example, in the insurance sector, claims processing is a long and arduous, paper-driven process. With several forms and documents to be collected from the customer, physical documents are usually sent across departments to get the claim processed. With DMS, the entire claims process from capturing the initial set of documents to getting inter-departmental updates can be done using applications. DMS ensures that all kinds of physical documents are processed efficiently and the information is uploaded to the necessary systems. This makes claims processing faster and boosts customer experience.

Lessons to take away

‍Any organization from almost any industry that places its customers first, can boost CX using DMS as it can take care of most of your document processing concerns and allow you to focus on your customers. Remember, data is the backbone of any successful business. Hence, by using DMS to process physical documents, you can be assured of high-quality data extraction with minimal human effort.‍

In a nutshell, to boost customer experience, you need efficient processes and easily available insights to drive customer-focused, data-driven decisions. Automation can help you achieve this. With DMS connected to manage documents digitally, process automation will be more efficient and effective than ever before.

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