Driving Faster Insurance Policy Sales with Digitalization

By Olatunji Pedro

For insurance agencies, digital engagement is rapidly becoming a must-have. The onset of the pandemic has seen consumers increasingly used to transactions online and the competition from digitally native Insurtech firms has disrupted the established distribution channels. To address these trends, traditional agencies must wed their comparative advantages in personal service and expertise with the exceptional ease of use and access inherent to the digital channel. 

According to Applied Systems, agencies that have embraced digitization see a 15% increase in organic growth and 158% higher revenue per employee. This is why their customer experience, agent satisfaction, and business growth have shot up marginally.

Indeed, many agencies recognize these potential gains and have already embarked on their digital journey. For example, 61% of all U.S. agencies that responded to a recent survey have a digital strategy in place, with 85% of them focused on implementing their strategies within one to five years.

Eliminating Inconveniences is key to improving customer experience

Achieving superior customer experience in insurance begins with a seamless application process. Flowmono can help with policy applications, reviewing coverage details, and signing disclosures from any device within minutes. 

Digital engagement is a multi-faceted journey that extends far beyond mere policy applications. Agencies have a unique opportunity to elevate the customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle. Consider this: when a customer files a claim, they can effortlessly attach and submit photographs of their vehicles and property using Flowmono. This not only expedites the process but also allows them to precisely highlight areas of damage, thereby eradicating any unnecessary back-and-forth exchanges. This isn’t just efficient; it’s a customer-centric revolution.

Let your agents focus on what they do best – selling!

It’s not just about keeping customers happy; it’s about making your agents’ lives easier. Recent research indicates that by implementing digital agreement tools, agents can enjoy a 40% reduction in time spent on cumbersome tasks. They can also easily keep track of signed documents and agreements with automated reminders.

Flowmono is here to increase your client base and allow faster client-customer processes

The digital revolution has arrived, and insurance agencies must embrace it to serve customers’ and agents’ evolving demands, reduce sales cycle times, and enhance operational efficiency. The time has come to accelerate your digital journey and supercharge your trajectory of growth.

To learn more about Flowmono’s solutions for insurance agencies, visit www.flowmono.com today 

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