Future Of Digital Notarization Using Flowmono AI

By Olatunji Pedro

Nikola Tesla had always been way ahead of his time. Back then when horses ruled the roads and cars were seen as things owned by the bourgeois, he predicted a world where artificial intelligence would be key in how the world worked. Of course, the people back then did not believe him and naturally thought him a madman. The fact he died poor was unfortunate but the future that Mr. Tesla predicted is now upon us almost a century after his death. 

Here is the thing, AI is already here and it’s here to stay. Digital notarization has become increasingly important in recent years, especially with the rise of digital documents and transactions. Traditionally, notarization involved one person being present to witness and certify the signing of a document. For example, the way the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. However, with the advent of technology, you don’t need to use hundreds of people, like the signing of the  Magna Carta, to witness. You don’t even need one person. It has become possible to notarize documents online, using digital signatures and other forms of verification.

Enter the Flowmono AI. Flowmono is a digital provider of solutions for notarization through the use of cutting-edge AI to provide a secure and efficient platform for online notarization. Just like Tesla, but with the benefit of hindsight to back us up this time, this article will be exploring the future of how Flowmono is poised to revolutionalize the way individuals, businesses, and government parastatals do business.

But First, What Exactly Is Digital Notarization?

Digital notarization is basically the use of digital signatures and other forms of verification to ensure the originality, authenticity, and integrity of a digital document. This can be from using encryption to protect the document from nefarious elements to using biometric verification authentication to identify the person signing. 

The key advantage of digital notarization is that it can be done remotely without needing physical presence or travel. So whether you are up north in Kaduna, getting your hustle up in Anambra, or riding through traffic in Lagos, that document gets signed. Flowmono AI takes digital notarization to the next level by using artificial intelligence to provide an even more secure and efficient platform for online notarization. This will save time and money, particularly for businesses and organizations that need to notarize large volumes of documents regularly.



Notarization and signing of contracts go hand in hand. Flowmono’s digital notarization offers a service that certifies that a contract was signed at a certain time. The AI is so efficient that it has the time stamp down to the exact second. This is completed by an identity service that validates biometric data. The Flowmono AI is capable of scanning documents for errors and inaccuracies during the notarization process. This helps produce high-quality work

With this solution from Flowmono, there is a guarantee of digital information in case the big guns regulate whatever industry your business is in calling. This feature is available from Flowmono because companies might need date certification to meet compliance requirements.


In the process of notarization, there might be a particular piece of information you require urgently. Maybe just to cross-check that you aren’t signing away your life’s work. In cases where the documents have pages upon pages, this process can be tiresome and very much cumbersome. Flowmono AI has the ability to sniff this out in just seconds. All you have to do is search for it by inputting a word that the information might contain and viola, it’s done. Essentially, you can save up to 8 hours weekly by using Flowmono instead of the manual document management process.


According to alphamoon reducing paper in a company hiring 100 employees can yield up to $140,000 in annual savings. Automation also helps to cut energy consumption by 80%. You might have seen how paperwork has been blacklisted as the main culprit in destroying forests worldwide particularly considering that 45% of that printed paper ends up in the trash by the end of the day.

Flowmono is an efficient and convenient tool to use for notarization because its users, be it individuals, small or large businesses, and or government parastatals, can choose the time and location that works for them. This allows people who have difficulty scheduling during work hours, live in remote areas, or have some form of mobility issue to access notarial services as needed.

The gradual transformation has begun and in the long run, many certification activities will no longer require a notary. Notaries will still perform a role that can’t easily be replaced such as ensuring that the person signing does not have a gun to his or her head. That said, many people in the notary business still have that anti-technology attitude but it is time for more open-mindedness as those who do not evolve are at risk of becoming obsolete. 

The future of notarization is Flowmono as seen by the fact that most, not all documents, that can be notarized in person can also be notarized remotely. Just as e-signature is now being adopted as a valuable technology, it is just a matter of time before notarization similarly evolves and Flowmono is there to enable consistent and reliable access to remote online notarization.

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