How Flowmono Accelarates Insurance Processes

Before the advent of the claims management system, insurance claim handlers used to waste valuable time retrieving physical records from various filing systems. This inefficiency in retrieving insurance information caused claimants to be put on hold while the relevant data was gathered. In some cases, when the information couldn’t be found promptly, the claimant had to be contacted again later. Ineffective claims processing is not only costly for insurance companies but also frustrating for customers.

Flowmono has addressed these challenges with Flowmono E-Signature. This system eliminates misfiling and lost files, while significantly reducing call durations with policyholders. Now, claim handlers have access to up-to-date information at their fingertips. Consequently, both customer service and the morale of the claims department have witnessed notable improvements.

Efficient document management in the insurance claims process plays a vital role in enhancing customer satisfaction, promoting customer retention, and encouraging referrals.

Agreements permeate the insurance industry, encompassing various processes such as new policy applications, claims, and service requests. However, many of these processes and systems for obtaining agreements are unnecessarily sluggish, expensive, and burdensome for both employees and customers.

Initially, potential customers seek a streamlined and effortless application experience, where they receive coverage selection forms, payment forms, and disclosures directly to their email inboxes. It is crucial to ensure that these forms are easily readable on mobile devices, expediting the policy sales process and document delivery.

Moreover, as customers’ needs or circumstances change throughout their journey, they require a simple method to submit change requests. This may include adding beneficiaries or insured individuals or updating their addresses. In the event of filing a claim, customers expect promptness and assistance from their insurance provider during a critical moment.

To expedite processes and services throughout the customer journey, electronic signatures can be employed. Flowmono eSignature offers a quicker way for customers to apply for coverage and file claims. Here are the primary reasons why insurance professionals utilize electronic signatures in their agreements:

Insurance Policies: Employ Flowmono sign for insurance applications, disclosures, and coverage selection forms. Customers will appreciate the user-friendly nature of these forms and the ability to receive a copy directly in their email inbox.

Underwriting: Send various documents, from pricing documentation to coverage details and auditing forms. Enable multiple individuals to sign each form, enhancing efficiency and expediting document completion.

Client Experience: Simplifying the signing process for clients is an excellent way to foster trust and confidence in your services. Flowmono eSignature offers a straightforward approach to collecting and updating claims information, encompassing requests, dispute notices, and exceptions.

Policy Servicing Documentation: To maintain a positive relationship with your insured individuals, it is crucial to provide exceptional services. This entails various tasks such as renewals, cancellations, and premium change notifications, all of which aim to enhance the customer experience.

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