How Flowmono Is Transforming The Legal Industry

By Olatunji Pedro

As a legal professional, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to get signatures on contracts in less than 10 seconds from anywhere and at any time? 

The average contract has 32 pages and is printed 40 times. That is 1.280 pieces of paper that Flowmono’s e-signature “feature” could save. The legal industry has traditionally relied on paper-based contracts, which are time-consuming, prone to errors and most importantly they are a waste of time and resources. This is quite worrisome for an industry growing at a breakneck speed in recent years and is expected to reach $908.26 billion by 2025, up from $713.7 billion in 2020.

To say the sector heavily depends on paper is an understatement because lawyers must move tons of paper to close daily deals. One of the highest paper users, Law firms, spend an average of $1000(N73,000) annually per employee on paper. Another mind-boggling fact is that an average lawyer generates 20,000 to 100,000 printed pages per year. All this shows that there is a growing demand for legal services that are having a direct impact on physical paperwork.

Step in Flowmono. Simple software platform that offers a digital solution to this problem, making the contracting process more efficient and secure. Flowmono has been designed to be used by legal professionals, as well as business professionals who may not have a legal background.


Lawyers are humans which means that they get tired of spending hours signing numerous documents. They, however, cannot make mistakes as it would be frankly disastrous. In that case, you can easily use Flowmono E-signature software to do all these signings in minutes. With Flowmono, you can create, sign and use legally binding documents online from your office, on the move, at home, or in remote locations, anytime and anywhere.

Due to the ease with which the software gets installed on any portable tablet, laptop/desktop, or smartphone, the Flowmono Drive feature available is already a fantastic tool for legal firms to transfer information, share documents and collaborate with fellow lawyers and clients in some cases.

For instance, a lawyer using Flowmono for the first can sign or work on a document by

·        Opening Flowmono on any device

·        Upload the legal document.

·        Use the signed document-sharing feature to decide who receives the document.

·        Use our user-friendly application interface to draw, write or upload signatures.

·        Send the document to the recipient’s email.


Increased document visibility security: Law firms using Flowmono enjoy security advantages such as the fact that only authorized persons securely sign their client’s confidential documents. It safeguards the record against illegal access, forgery, or manipulation. Flowmono has  embedded feature that includes additional information about the e-signature transaction, revealing confidential information like who signed, the date and time of signing, and the digital certificate used to sign the document digitally.

Optimize legal processes: Flowmono allows your law firms to streamline their legal processes in several ways. Employees working in legal firms can use Flowmono for quick and effortless signatures on legal documents from any location and device. Our eSignature software installed on laptops, mobile devices, or tablet devices enables legal transactions more quickly. Without the need for document signing and maintenance, law firms can focus their legal expertise on other critical operations, such as guaranteeing customer satisfaction, rather than on document signing and maintenance.

Reduce overall costs: Electronic signatures have been adopted as a viable solution by many legal companies due to the significant benefits to their bottom lines(sweet words to the ears of the finance guys). With Flowmono, you save money on ink, paper, printers, paper, and equipment maintenance by eliminating the need for physical signatures. The ability to handle the signing process more predictably is made possible by consolidating the entire cost of document signing into a predictable and affordable monthly fee.

Client data protection: Cyberattacks in the legal industry are on the rise because law firms hold a considerable amount of sensitive customer information in their possession. Flowmono E-signature systems enable legal businesses to retain and protect client information effortlessly, preventing papers and files from being damaged, or even worse, stolen or destroyed using cloud-based technology.

Improve collaboration with clients & partners: When legal documents use paper for signature, it is impossible to determine their status in the signing process. Following up with customers who have not signed a document is challenging for law firms as they are unsure if they received it. With our digital signature software, we expedite the organizing and managing of paper documents by reducing the amount of time and resources necessary. By utilizing a well-established e-signature system, law firms may track outstanding signature requests without requiring additional resources.

As the legal industry continues to grow, Flowmono’s innovative approach is poised to play an essential role in shaping the document management industry in Nigeria and Africa at large. Our software is striving hard to make the business processes of law firms more efficient and secure with our user-friendly application interface that can be accessed from any device.

Sign up on Flowmono today and get on the cost-saving and efficiency bandwagon

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