How The Real Estate Industry is Thriving with E-signature

Each month in Lagos, Nigeria an average of 50 persons are buying their own homes or making a down payment for one.)Most land buyers now expect digital experiences and processes rather than paper-based ones. It’s not just millennial buyers who crave the convenience of completing tasks online. Buyers of all ages are choosing to avoid paperwork when they have the option.

It is rare to find a real estate agent who does not rely on a smartphone on a daily basis. In fact, an overwhelming majority have fully embraced this technology. Also, when it comes to communication with their clients, real estate agents use various channels of which text messaging and emails are just as popular as the traditional telephone.

Social media is an essential tool as well for real estate agents, with more than two-thirds of them having their own social media accounts dedicated solely to work. The most active platforms used are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Implementing digital tools in your real estate brokerage can offer numerous advantages. If you seek real estate software that can significantly enhance client satisfaction and improve productivity, it is crucial to consider the benefits of integrating E-signature technology.

Why use e-signature for real estate? 

E-signature technology allows your clients and all other stakeholders in the home-buying process to sign documents electronically. When you handle real estate agreements digitally, you can eliminate many of the most inefficient tasks from the home-buying process.

E-signatures offer digital solutions for signing documents during the home-buying process. By adopting this technology, real estate agents eliminate time-consuming tasks such as printing, scanning, and mailing documents providing a more efficient and eco-friendly experience. 

With e-signature technology, real estate agents brokerage can:

Competitive Advantage: Today’s buyers know their stuff as they are more informed and digitally savvy. This is particularly significant as millennials exert their dominance in the market. To excel, real estate agents will have to equip themselves with a more comprehensive digital toolkit that can meet up with the heightened ex[ectations of today’s clients.  Start by eliminating paperwork—and the pain of endless documents that must be printed, signed, mailed, and faxed. 

Close deals faster. Being a real estate agent, your work mainly revolves around real estate forms that consume a lot of time. If there are delays, clients might go elsewhere and tell their friends to do the same. According to the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, members rely on repeat clients and referrals from past clients for 30% of their business.

Spend more time with clients, and less time on paperwork: In the real estate industry, it is all about relationships that are built by exceeding clients’ expectations. Nowadays, it means catering to digital experiences that buyers and sellers expect. For instance, clients will not tolerate being asked to fill out and fax a purchase agreement or print, sign, scan, and mail sellers’ disclosure forms. With E-signature technology, you can significantly increase customer satisfaction scores among your clients. Digital agreements and e-signatures can save time and eliminate administrative work and rekeying data that expose you to risk.

Save time and money: With e-signatures, real estate eliminates the costs associated with shipping, storing, and printing documents. Business becomes faster and more efficient when the manual workflow is replaced with digital signatures and automated processes

All-in-one e-signature solution for real estate

Although many real estate agents utilize electronic signatures in their workflows today, it is crucial to recognize that locating, preparing, and managing forms before and after signing is only partially digitized or simplified. This prevailing situation often leads to a disjointed and frustrating experience, requiring agents to switch between different systems to locate and download the necessary forms, manually fill them out, upload them for signature, and then download the final copies for storage elsewhere.

Electronic signatures are revolutionizing the real estate industry, helping agents to work more efficiently, securely, and conveniently. By embracing this technological advancement, real estate agents can enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and provide a superior client experience.

The benefits of electronic signatures, including improved efficiency, enhanced security, and cost savings, position agents for success in a competitive market. So why wait? Embrace electronic signatures by signing up on Flowmono today and optimize your full potential as a real estate professional. 

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