Streamlining Corporate Hiring Procedures with Flowmono

In 2022, Flowmono began as a start-up company with a big idea: to simplify and streamline the process of working with electronic signatures and maintain documents for individuals and organizations in various fields. Digital and cloud-based strategies have opened new ways for human resources professionals to serve their companies, employees, and outside partner organizations.

Organizations around the world are turning to technology to make business operations more efficient, and Human Resources (HR) processes are squarely in their sights. Yet many HR departments still struggle with manual tasks and disconnected systems that create bottlenecks from paper-based processes.

Flowmono can be used to authenticate signatures and paperwork in a secure digital environment. Clients that adopt Flowmono will find that their organizational productivity and efficiency will rise. Flowmono integrates fluidly with most existing back-of-house operations and supports clients’ protocols for privacy and security, allowing simultaneous shared access to documents in real-time, no matter what time zone a participant happens to be in.

Deconstructing the HR agreement process

In the HR process, which includes recruiting, hiring, onboarding, off-boarding, and people operations, HR agreements are everywhere. Let’s take the employee offer letter as an example. When an offer is given to a candidate, the HR team reviews it internally. After discussing and making changes to the request, HR sends it back for internal approval. Finally, the request is sent to the candidate to sign and complete the required actions. This process involves thirteen tasks, six handoffs, and at least seven employees are involved. Doing these tasks in separate systems can lead to mistakes and delays

The current state of the HR industry

Over the past few years, HR leaders and their teams have grappled with numerous challenges. One of the foremost challenges has been the pressing need to retain top talent while nurturing a thriving work culture. To address this, they have focused on providing prospective and current employees with modern tools that enhance productivity and streamline their work processes. Additionally, the shift to managing a hybrid or a fully remote work mode has required the implementation of technology solutions that empower both remote and in-office employees to succeed. HR management is among a company’s most essential functions, and it can also be one of the most complex and time-consuming. Flowmono lends itself particularly well to fulfilling a variety of needs for HR staff in any type of organization. Routine duties such as hiring, bringing new employees on board, and administering payroll and benefits become easier, faster, more secure, and less prone to errors.

Here are ways Flowmono helps HR departments and their corporations become more efficient and productive.

  1. Flowmono integrates well with a company’s system — and even with a legacy information technology system. Since Flowmono’s security protocols adhere to the highest applicable international standards, employees’ data receive extra protection against tampering or unauthorized access.
  1. Flowmonomakes it much easier for HR departments to send employees current documents related to their ongoing education and training on a company’s philosophy and operations. In addition, Flowmono makes it simple to obtain and retain the required acknowledgment and consent signatures after employees have reviewed the material.
  1. An organization can send documents, such as nondisclosure agreements, to employees in advance through the Flowmono platform and receive and store them after employees have signed them. Flowmono follows high-level, internationally accepted protocols for signature authentication, including SMS messages, voice verification, and unique knowledge questions and answers.
  1. Flowmono also helps HR departments to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding agreements and contracts with outside vendors, clients and business partners.
  1. When it comes to onboarding employees, a company cannot afford to make the kinds of errors that are sometimes introduced when staff members must re-key the same information several times for multiple documents. Flowmono provides for the creation of a seamless, tamper-proof transaction trail from beginning to end, thereby making any auditing procedures easier.
  1. HR departments realize that providing high-quality service to their employees is just as important as making transactions easier for outside vendors and clients. Flowmono’s ability to reduce the time spent completing paperwork transactions improves overall efficiency. 

In today’s job market, where sectors such as finance, high-tech, and health care seek to attract and retain the most qualified and sophisticated employees possible, Flowmono helps any organization set itself apart. Sophisticated job candidates appreciate and expect that most of their transactions with a prospective employer can be online and mobile.

Flowmono offers the greatest potential to provide a human-centered HR experience. On the other hand, the traditional paper-focused HR systems tend to put the bureaucratic process itself front and center, rather than focus on building positive employee-corporate relationships. You can sign up on Flowmono today to enjoy all these benefits instantly

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