Why Flowmono is an Anti-Stress Software

Nigeria’s health is in decline, awaiting the sedentary gates. And traditional office work is at least partially responsible for it. More workers zap their vision, skin health, diet, and other well-being indicators in the modern office environment.

The interesting part is that Flowmono helps tone down stress levels but few choose to understand it in that light. This is because it reduces the number of hours employees must work in a day and overall feelings of well-being. Although well-being is difficult to quantify, one benefit of using Flowmono is the freedom it gives you.

On a more general level, Flowmono can also save the world’s workforce. It is truly a technology that blesses every aspect of the business process across an array of industries because it enables businesses to do a lot more with much less.

In addition to delivering a more innovative way to complete tasks in the 21st-century of small business, here are a few other reasons why Flowmono is an anti-aging technology.

Flowmono is an Anti-Aging Technology for Enabling Mobility

The average white-collar Nigerian sits at his or her desk working on tasks for 5 years of their life. If most workplace devices were portable or could be held in the hand or pant pockets, this wouldn’t have to be such a startling reality. Not only has working from home reduced environmental issues, but it has to some extent reduced traffic congestion and allowed workers to work in a way that adapts to a more active lifestyle.

Although the bulk of this has been discovered in dietetics, the way we use technology can reduce our stress levels to improve our overall well-being, the number of hours of rest we get each week, and more. Standing desks are just one part of the antithesis of the epidemic of sitting in the workplace. Treadmill desks are becoming part of the open office protocols taking the world of work by storm.

But the only way this will ever be reified is through technology that permits the elimination of traditional office mediums like fax machines, printers, filing cabinets, and paper-based documentation. Additionally, document management technologies create psychological flow for the employees who use them, further reducing stress and positively impacting feelings of productivity and happiness at work.

Flowmono is an Anti-Aging Technology that Reduces Stress

Stress has a significant impact on our physical appearance and overall health. Many doctors have labeled stress as “the silent killer.” As a natural part of the developed world’s lifestyle, stress is so embedded into our daily routines that we’re used to weathering it as a fact of existence. However, Flowmonois an anti-aging technology that reduces stress in myriad, indirect ways.

It Makes It Way Easier to Find Important Things at the Office

Every worker has a to-do list at his or her office. The difficulty of reaching the goals outlined on that to-do list, whether self-imposed or passed down from manager to subordinate, is increased when time is wasted on minutiae unrelated to your job title.

For instance, rummaging through filing cabinets, and paper folders, and running to fax machines, printers, and other ends of the office to retrieve documentation from coworkers or other filing cabinets adds up over a day — cutting into the time it takes you to complete other tasks with care and precision. And that creates a smaller window of time to get the important things finished, consequently leading to higher levels of stress — especially for workers who strive to get all their work done in a 40-hour per week time frame.

And, even if workers are fine working extra hours to make up for all the time they’ve lost with traditional office management mediums, their body and their visage still incur the insidious effects of a longer workweek.

It Means Less Glare from Your Computer Screen to Your Eyes

Wait, you thought going paperless would create a bigger digital footprint and require more hours spent staring at a computer each workday? Well, you’re wrong, and here’s why. Digital clutter is a serious, serious problem for organizations. Without document management software to mitigate the issue, you’ll be staring at your computer for longer hours than ever, searching for items labeled and stored with arbitrary nomenclature.

Keeping all your files in the cloud with Flowmono lets you work fewer hours due to the efficiency it gives you. This equates to fewer hours behind the computer screen, and more hours you can spend fixing those eyes on the things that matter — like your loved ones and family members.

Additionally, spending too much time in the office can lead to too much exposure to artificial light, which can expedite the aging process for both men and women. Compound this with the insomnia that spending too many hours at a computer can cause, and you’ll have an overwrought train wreck for a brain by the time you’re in your 50s.

Fewer Interactions with Coworkers

Our coworkers are people with whom we spend at least 40 hours per week, for the better or the worse. And, we think of them much like we do most of our extended family — love them, but also hate them sometimes. This means there are bound to be differences and frustrations among the team when it comes to things like accountability, blame-shifting, and delegation of responsibilities.

When information chaos ensues, so do the quarrels with coworkers. Pent-up frustrations become full-fledged arguments and blood pressure skyrockets commensurately. Document management software is an anti-stress technology because it functions as a document and image repository to keep everything in a single place.

This makes it very clear who is responsible for what, and which steps must be taken to complete mission-critical projects. 

Additionally, the teamwork these solutions facilitate makes it easier to render the positive effects of a cohesive work environment across various industries.

Organizations or persons in any industry that use Flowmono indirectly make their lives easy and postpone the aging process by even the smallest of margins. Get on the Flowmono train today and experience the easy life.

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