Digitizing Healthcare Records: A Game-Changer in 2023

How do we act when we have a headache? Right, we take painkillers and wait for the long-awaited relief. But what if we think more globally, in terms of an enterprise level, when suddenly the necessary documentation is missing, papers are piling up drastically and the whole workflow is a complete mess? Is there any solution that cures the situation as effectively as a painkiller? 

Medical organizations with progressive vision opt for a software savior called Document Management system, the technology that simplifies the main troublesome processes caused by paper documentation. 

Medical documentation encompasses data about a wide range of the organizations’ activities, including info about treatment, test results, medical history records, financial records, and many others. It is usually categorized into clinical documents(documents about patients and their treatment) and non-clinical (documents of administrative nature). Overall, medical documentation can be divided into the following subcategories

  • checkedElectronic health records
  • checkedFinancial documents 
  • checkedCompliance and regulations
  • checkedInsurance claims 
  • checkedPatient forms
  • checkedMedical records/reports 

What Flowmono can do for you and your organization

  • System for document digitization and capturing- Flowmono will speed up the work processes of your organization by easily converting documents into their digital analogs via scanning. The documents are converted into PDF, JPEG, and other standard formats that make documentation tracking seamless. 
  • Tool for Document Storing – Flowmono frees up space that is used for storing voluminous piles of paper documents by providing you with a database that can save all digitized files online. 
  • Service for document distribution – The distribution of documents via different channels is rather inefficient, out of date, and error-prone. Fowmono automates and simplifies this process for you so that you may easily keep track of invoices, letters, and other crucial papers sent within and outside the company. 
  • Solution for workflow management – Flowmono allows for flexible management of your business workflows. It means that you may save time and resources on numerous ineffective steps to execute a particular task. This allows employees to collaborate on certain projects, make adjustments, and set notifications easily without losing time. 

The Internal Structure of Flowmono

The healthcare industry requires the highest level of security for its documentation. The core components of Flowmono include 

  • uncheckedPermission levels 
  • uncheckedData storage, also known as Flowmono Drive 
  • uncheckedEasily navigatable user interface with software
  • uncheckedRest APIs to access centralized document repositories from different places and other clients. 

                        Why You Should’ve  Implemented Flowmono Since Yesterday 

  • Your employees are spending too much time on document retrieval – This may happen due to various reasons: physical papers are misplaced, documents are lost, etc. such risks can be minimized since Flowmono labels files to speed up the search. 
  • Your company needs to reduce costs on document management – According to a survey, companies spend almost $8 billion every year to manage paper documentation and only 18% of businesses consider themselves paperless. If your expenditures on paper, file cabinets, shipping of paper documents, etc are higher than you want them to be, Flowmono integration is a perfect solution
  • Your current management strategy is ineffective:  If the productivity of your business is dragging because of the ineffective working document management strategy, then it is time to integrate Flowmono. It can automate daily paperwork processing routines, hence, decreasing the time for process completion. Moreover, Flowmono allows employees to work with the same document simultaneously without waiting for other departments to make amendments. 

The medical industry is always evolving to ensure better security, patient privacy, and health care. Today, everything is built around the internet and online functionality. If your healthcare organization is still using an outdated document management system, chances are, it will become increasingly difficult to provide fast and optimal care. Take your Healthcare business to the next level with Flowmono today.

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