E-Signatures In The Public Sector: How To Get It Right

Sometimes, governance can seem like the sky is falling. When one time-sensitive document is not buried in someone’s email or a dusty cabinet in a dusty room in the local government council, it is being delayed by a Councilor who is at a function that makes it difficult for him to be reached. 

In the private sector- known for efficiency and speed- the average worker spends an extra 2 hours looking for documents. Imagine how much time it then takes the average worker in the public sector, especially governance, where things (with all due respect) move at a snail’s pace.

Efficiency Is Key

Citizens fill out numerous applications, and every application must have a signature. When done by paper, is sometimes hard to locate where the document is during the signing process. E-signatures software allows public sector employees to send notifications to the signers such that they can sign the document on time. Additionally, you can locate where the document is during the signing process. This boosts transparency and visibility for the government, which allows it to act by sending alerts to citizens. With E-signatures, citizens do not have to visit government offices all the time.

Streamlining Internal Processes

Going digital gets rid of lengthy processes involved during paperwork. Before E-signatures, people were expected to print, scan, and send paper contracts and agreements. However, with technology, you only need a device to fill out the paperwork as the user signs from place to place. There are no paper scans to delay the process.

There is no need to arrange paperwork; rather, the government collects signatures from other citizens and finalizes the application in real-time. With E-signature software for the Government, citizens, and other organizations are sure of complete audibility and transparency for government deals. The software assists government organizations in simplifying control over the approval procedures for vendor deals.

Reducing Processing Time 

E-signatures allow the government to process many applications in minimal time thereby boosting productivity. The solution will streamline back-office functions and reduce processing time to hours instead of days. This saves a lot of time for every process while getting rid of inefficiencies in locating and archiving documents. Automation can eradicate human mistakes related to paper-based documentation.

The truth is that paper is time-intensive and extends the work cycle. With the help of E-signatures, responsiveness is faster, and digital workflow enhances the internal functioning of the sector by offering public employees and constituents the chance to review and sign documents through electronic machines.


Paper documents are prone to damage and signatures can get muddled. Furthermore, paperwork can be stolen or misplaced easily. E-signatures guarantee that documents submitted to the system are secured. Digital signature solutions utilize text-based– authentication to verify signing entities. The moment the signing process is over, the software utilizes tamper resistance validation to ensure the integrity of the document is safe. Audit trails are frequently made to keep track of submitted documents and to ensure no paperwork goes missing.

Flowmono offers optimum authentication and security services that can be incorporated with several authentication protocols and services as required. Amendments made to any document are tracked, allowing the user to check anything fast. Additionally, the E-signature software can track the real IP address or gadget used for signing. Thus, all your details are safe and legitimate without theft.

Budget Allocation To Other Resources

The government spends millions on retyping, reworking, and verifying signatures on their documents. With the help of E-signatures, the government can eliminate any mistakes linked to citizen’s signatures. Also, the process can be facilitated easily as it can be integrated easily into an automated paperwork process. This can save time, workforce, and cost.

With the help of Flowmono E-signatures, government organizations can accelerate the approval processes for various deals and successfully onboard vendors. They can also cut down on overhead costs and environmental impact while at it. You can start a free trial here.

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