Flowmono’s Role In Real Estate

Real estate transactions are complex, paper-driven, regulated processes that involve a diverse group of stakeholders and a high volume of documents. It’s no wonder the typical deal takes 50 days to close. While the industry has widely adopted e-signature to simplify contract signing, digital transaction management systems that attempt to manage other aspects of complex transactions are still hard to use, difficult to configure, and have limited ability to connect to other systems. As a result, deals still take a long time and are prone to errors, creating unnecessary risk and frustration. All this time and effort required to manage the transaction could be better spent serving clients, recruiting top agents, and growing the business.

Flowmono for Real Estate transforms every step of a complex real estate transaction into a simple digital process, accelerating deals, ensuring compliance, and improving the agent experience. – Quickly complete real estate forms, send documents out electronically for signature, ensure compliance with easily configurable task lists and approvals, save costs, and reduce hassle by eliminating printing, faxing, and managing paper – Easily connect all of your systems, including CRM and accounting, to avoid re-keying information.

Key capabilities

Complete forms quickly – Access the latest state and local association forms or share your brokerage-specific forms, with pre-placed fields and form fill capabilities that are ready to send for signatures, all within a single digital workspace.

Secure, digital workspace for all your files – Instead of downloading forms, printing, scanning, emailing, and filing away paperwork, keep all documents needed for a transaction in one place. Configurable permissions by role ensure participants can only see and act on documents that they’re supposed to. And finding files from past transactions is easy when everything’s digital.

Guide your agents through every deal – Keep transactions on track with tasks that guide agents through your process. Make deals easy on agents and transaction coordinators—set due dates, create reminders, and customize notifications to keep your agents’ deals moving forward. 

Flowmono for Real Estate can be used in several ways. You’ll benefit from Flowmono whether you’re a residential or commercial agent, broker, escrow company, property manager, homebuilder, or developer. Some specific types of real estate forms, contracts, and agreements Flowmono can help digitally sign and process include:  

·        KYC forms

·        Leasing contracts

·        Purchase contracts

·        Investor documents

·        Tax identification paperwork

·        Appraisals and disclosures

·        Addendums

·        Agent onboarding and licensing

·        Work orders/purchase orders

·        Bank wire transfer instructions

·        Inspections instructions or access

·        NDAs

·        Escrow opening instructions.

·        Deeds

The Bottom Line of Using Flowmono for Real Estate

Flowmono for Real Estate is a capable eSignature solution. It has many useful features that make signing and processing business documents, contracts, and agreements easier. These are functionalities specific to the real estate industry. With this tool, you can improve employee productivity and operational efficiency. Risk is also reduced thanks to increased security measures and regulatory compliance. Are you ready for the next step? Request a demo today.

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