How Flowmono Can Transform The Healthcare Business

As a healthcare professional, think of the number of paperwork you deal with in a single day – it must be a lot right? From reviewing patients’ medical history, and writing test recommendations, to writing diagnoses and drug prescriptions, etc. Paper usage is accustomed to the daily life of a typical medical practitioner and the importance of managing paperwork and patient documents  cannot be overstated. There is also a realization of how challenging this ongoing endeavor can be. It’s a daily responsibility that can quickly take up valuable time — time that could be spent in patient care.

It’s time-consuming, but a necessary part of the job. Manually filling in paperwork, double-checking compliance rules, and being incredibly detailed in your communications. Fortunately, there’s a better way… By including a document management system like Flowmono as part of your operational workflow process, you’re overcoming a lot of these issues.

Whether you work with PDFs, traditional paperwork, or a mix of both in your day-to-day medical life, a document management system can greatly benefit your typical daily operations.


A document management system (DMS) is an electronic system that can help you efficiently store, manage, and view your documents. It stores the information in a database for easy retrieval and indexing. With Flowmono, you automate parts (if not the whole thing) of the document creation lifecycle. From document generation and document creation lifecycle to secure storage.

This makes it easier to find, manage, and share electronic documents across the enterprise. It also effectively reduces the paperwork volume that a hospital uses for its document management needs. With doctors and patients using Flowmono, you have greater control over patient data at scale. It also enables you to collect better-quality data for improved outcome measures. 


Centralized Documents: Providing a centralized location for all documents in the hospital makes operations easier for everyone, from the triage to the doctor. Companies can use Flowmono to centralize documents and securely manage business records as well as customer communications.

Consistent Care & Improved Efficiency: Because everything is stored in a central location, employees from every department within the organization will have the same information, thus ensuring consistent healthcare. With everyone in your hospital using Flowmono, there’s no need to manually access multiple databases or different platforms.

Document Tracking & Reduced Risk: Electronic records are more secure than paper records, so you can reduce risk by digitizing your documents into an electronic format. Instead of password-protecting manually, everything would be encrypted in one place on the cloud. To make things more secure, you can set simply up user permissions and different access settings. Reducing risk is just as important as patient security. Hospitals make sure that everyone in the medical facility follows strict guidelines while using Flowmono. 

And of course, there has to be an ability to track these document records if necessary. That way, you can show proof of compliance when requested by governing bodies. Down to who opened, edited, and/or managed a specific document. This is also where user access and role permissions settings help as well! Your hospital needs to show that your organization’s policies line up with the industry standards. With Flowmono as part of your workflow operations, it’s much easier to show your compliance. Whether it’s part of your document management or customer communications.

Streamlined billing & Automated workflow: With Flowmono, workflows are automated. Meaning, manual tasks like sending patient reports or printing labels are automated with just a few clicks of the mouse. For many patients, billing is the most worrisome aspect of healthcare. With Flowmono, billing is far more efficient and streamlined for greater convenience.

With Flowmono, patients won’t have to visit multiple locations to get this information; they can simply log into their accounts at any time. This will also create a more optimized experience for the patients. This way, it’s much easier for a doctor to repeat information a different doctor told the patient concerning their condition. Compared to the alternative of them having to find the other doctor and relaying the information manually.

A hospital can also set up parameters within Flowmono that allows only certain doctors to view certain types of records, which would help ensure patient privacy when required. You can add employees with the right role, access, and permissions about what they can do in the document management system. So, not everyone will be able to edit or delete documents, based on their access.

Establishing Control Protocols: Since you’re handling sensitive patient data, Flowmono offers you a separate system that ensures the safety and security of that information. The need for such is two-fold: It keeps your patients’ personal information secure and ensures that you are compliant with government regulations whether industry-specific regulations or international privacy standards. This will ultimately protect the data and communications of healthcare practice, your staff, and your patients. 

Timely Requirement Changes: Change is constant in the medical industry. As such, new guidelines and updated regulations are a regular matter that healthcare organizations must keep up with. If you’re using an out-of-date document management system, manually updating all essential records can be a lengthy and tedious task. But with a modern document management system like Flowmono that caters to your industry specifically, you can instantly make the necessary adjustment across all your medical documentation. By doing so, you will be able to better serve and commit to your patients. Your time won’t be taken up tending to tedious tasks, which will benefit you and your patients.

Flowmono makes it easy to adjust and apply changes with minimal effort. In fact, it’s almost instant. For example, you might need to update your facility’s guidelines about wearing facemasks when entering the building. Rather than manually edit thousands of documents, you can simply make the correct edit and apply it to all the necessary documents. This time-saving feature is a significant benefit to healthcare organizations everywhere, as it allows you to provide your efforts elsewhere. 

Systems Integration & Online Collaboration: The healthcare industry is at its finest when it pools efforts from various fields and sectors. Flowmono allows the implementation of online collaboration to connect with patients on a personal level. This allows them to have direct contact with their doctors providing a more convenient medium than phone calls or physical visits. 

Another important thing you can do when using Flowmono is systems integration. This makes it easy for different departments to access, view, and edit patient documents. Ideally, while collaborating. This serves to significantly reduce patient wait time.  Rather than sending the patient to another department or making them come back after you’ve retrieved the necessary information, Flowmono takes care of it instantly.

The medical industry is always evolving to ensure better security, patient privacy, and health care. Today, everything is built around the internet and online functionality. If your healthcare organization is still using an outdated document management system, chances are, it will become increasingly difficult to provide optimal care. 

There is a reason why you see so many patients complaining about the slow bureaucracy and document management of many hospitals today. As such, it’s important to consider investing in a modern document management system. With it, you will have the necessary resources to better serve your patients.  You will see improved wait times, higher patient satisfaction rates, increased security, and much more.

Sign up on Flowmono today and get in on the process of optimizing your workflow!

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