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It’s common knowledge that people are what drive success in a business. Without a talented team, no organization can truly improve and excel. That’s why acquiring the right talent is so critical. Yet, many businesses still battle inefficiencies in their recruitment process, making it difficult to recruit and hire the perfect candidate for the job. Typically, these inefficiencies can be attributed in large part to poor document management. As a result, improving your document management can improve your recruitment process. Here’s how.

What is HR document management?

HR document management consists of the efficient use of all information related to the company’s workforce. This is key information, which can often be confidential:

  • Employee contracts
  • Personal employee documents (IDs, tax payment records, social security number)
  • Payroll
  • Leave records, etc.

These are documents that the HR team must process, file, and retrieve as efficiently as possible. Poor HR document management will significantly slow down the company’s processes and even make it more difficult to comply with legal requirements related to data protection.

HR Document Management Challenges

Document management is probably one of the most demanding tasks faced by human resources. On the one hand, there is the slowness in searching for information related to an employee. A lot of time is wasted searching for information, partly due to how documents are stored, regardless of whether they are necessary or valid documents. It is not uncommon for outdated information to be stored, which slows down these processes. One of the consequences of having too much information stored is an abundant use of paper with the resulting economic and environmental costs for the company.

Advantages of Digitalized HR document management

If the human resources team can develop or have access to an adequate HR DMS i.e. Human Resource Document Management System, they will be able to perform their work much more efficiently, since they will reduce the amount of work they need to do by hand. To this end, it is important to have a project manager such as Sesame to help them keep all documents under control. Locating information will be much faster and simpler so that anyone interested in consulting a document can quickly access it.

An adequate HR DMS also serves to reinforce the security of documents, especially those that include sensitive or confidential information. Not only will they be safe from potential loss, but a complete record will be kept and unauthorized data modifications will be prevented. A history of the users who have accessed the document, the changes made, and the date of the change is key to keeping track of company documents. 

Besides, we must not lose sight of the fact that documents will be updated in a much faster and more immediate way, which can be very advantageous for companies with a high staff turnover rate.

Finally, from an environmental point of view, it should be noted that document digitalization reduces the use of paper. By storing documents in the cloud, space is saved in the company, as there are no physical files.


One of the key changes in HR DMS in recent times has been the digitalization of processes. Having a document manager that stores all company information in the cloud frees up the HR department’s work. Now, this team spends less time on administrative tasks with document classification and can focus on issues such as staff training or work on improvements for the company.

Flowmono helps in the hiring and onboarding processes. When it comes to selecting employees, it allows candidates to be channeled through a single tool to which all members of the HR team have access. A database of candidates can also be created. Once selected, onboarding checklists allow the HR team to ensure that they have all the necessary documents related to the new employee.

In short, efficient HR DMS will relieve the HR team of manual work and time, allowing them to focus their efforts on other aspects that are more helpful to the organization. Having a good project manager is essential when it comes to handling, storing, and accessing documents related to your workforce. The more employees a company has on its payroll, the more important it is to optimize document management to avoid problems in the future.

Better Application Reception and Filing

One of the most cumbersome aspects of the hiring process is the sheer number of applicants and resumes received by HR departments and professionals. Poring over resumes is one of the most time-intensive tasks involved in talent acquisition. With the influx of applications, it’s easy to overlook talent – particularly because HR doesn’t have the time to study every resume thoroughly.

How can improving your document management process help? At the basest level, they allow you to establish a process to receive all forms, resumes, and supplementary materials electronically within a single online system, which logically stores all information against a candidate’s name and automatically routes it to relevant personnel. This means that all applications can be stored more effectively for future use, without taking up tons of space in the office.

Better Candidate Tracking and Searchability

Since the filing and storage of applications are more efficient when you improve your records management, searchability is improved. Flowmono allows you to use tagging and other identifiers to organize information, which can be easily retrieved using a search function. This means that HR can search through previously submitted applications using keywords or other data/values when looking to fill a role in the future so that when a position becomes available, they don’t have to duplicate efforts.

Saving on Time and Administration

Recruitment is a costly process largely because it takes up so much time. Paper management requires a high volume of administration, though even non-automated electronic management carries inefficiencies. Better document management allows you to significantly reduce the time expended on recruitment and hiring because it automates much of the manual tasks, improves workflows, and makes the retrieval of information much easier.

With Flowmono, most of the arduous tasks involved in the recruitment process are eliminated or reduced. This allows HR departments and professionals can focus on the things that truly matter to your business – like finding the perfect candidate for the role. Sign up today and enjoy a 14-day free trial of the effective DMS on Flowmono. 

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