Carrying Out Actions By Recipients on Flowmono

Flowmono makes it easy for recipients to carry out processes that make their workflow more efficient. 

In this article, we explore how Flowmono simplifies and optimizes document workflow for recipients, ensuring efficient processes and collaboration. We cover comprehensive features such as email notifications, external editors, dashboard access, and a control locator. 

Email Notifications:

Flowmono ensures that recipients stay informed and engaged through email notifications. Each recipient receives a notification prompting them to take action on the document. With a simple click on the hyperlink that reads “Sign/Approve Document Now!” recipients can easily access the document, whether or not they have a Flowmono account.

Email Notification Sent to a Recipient.

External Editor for Non-Account Holders:

Recipients without a Flowmono account can seamlessly interact with the document using an external editor. This editor loads after clicking on the hyperlink, providing a user-friendly interface for recipients to complete their required actions.

External editor where recipients can action on the document, especially recipients without an account.

Dashboard Access for Flowmono Account Holders:

Flowmono recognizes the importance of user preferences. For recipients with a Flowmono account, the document is readily available on their dashboard which gives out easy access and a centralized location for managing ongoing requests.

A recipient with an account can easily view documents in their queue awaiting their action.

Control Locator for Effortless Navigation:

Recipients can optimize their workflow using the Control Locator on the right side of the document. This feature assists users in quickly locating and interacting with controls assigned specifically to them, streamlining the navigation process.

Signing Documents with Ease:

To sign a document, recipients simply double-click on the signature field, initiating an intuitive editor. Here, recipients can choose to draw, type, use a pre-saved signature from their account, or upload an image of their signature, providing flexibility and accommodating various preferences.

Signature Editor

Acceptance or Rejection Options:

After interacting with the assigned controls, recipients have the option to click on “Accept and sign.” Alternatively, recipients can reject the document if necessary, selecting the “Reject” button. This flexibility ensures that the document workflow remains dynamic and responsive to user input.

Sequential Workflow and Email Notifications:

Flowmono offers a sequential format option for document processing. Once a recipient completes their action on the document, the system automatically forwards it to the next recipient in the workflow. The initiator of the document is kept in the loop through email notifications, staying informed about the progress at every stage. 

In summary, here are the steps recipients take to carry out actions on Flowmono

–        Recipients receive an email notification prompting them to act on the document.

–        Recipients click on the hyperlink in the email that reads “Sign/Approve Document Now!” to access the document.

–        If recipients do not have a Flowmono account, an external editor loads after clicking the hyperlink, providing them with a user-friendly interface.

–        Recipients with a Flowmono account can easily find the document on their dashboard for quick access.

–        Once in the document, recipients can use the Control locator on the right to locate and interact with the controls assigned specifically to them.

–        To sign the document, recipients double-click on the signature field, opening an editor.

–        Recipients can choose to draw, type, use a pre-saved signature, or upload an image of their signature from their device.

–        After interacting with the controls, recipients click on “Accept and sign” to proceed.

–        Alternatively, recipients can reject the document by clicking on the Reject button if needed.

–        Once the recipient completes their action, the document is automatically forwarded to the next recipient in the workflow (if the sequential format option is selected).

–        The initiator of the document receives email notifications about the document’s progress, staying informed when each recipient acts.

 Incorporating a robust document management system like Flowmono into your organization’s workflow can significantly enhance collaboration and productivity. 

By providing a user-friendly interface, and email notifications among other features, Flowmono helps recipients to efficiently manage and action documents. Whether working with a sequential workflow or utilizing external editors, Flowmono ensures a seamless and streamlined experience for all users involved in the document collaboration process, and it’s easy for anyone to get started on it. 

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