How to Sign Real Estate Contracts with Electronic Signature Software

You know how hard it is to find a great apartment in Lagos.

So when you find one, you want to do everything you can to secure the place. But what happens when the estate agent’s office is on the island and you live and work on the mainland? Add that to a busy schedule, and you can see the chances of securing the place reduce.

That happened to me when I found my apartment in Omole, and the agent’s office was in Lekki. Due to conflicting schedules and the prospect of spending at least two hours on the road, signing the contract in person seemed difficult. That’s when I suggested signing the contract with electronic signature software as a last resort, and both parties signed in less than fifteen minutes!

They say, “Modern problems require modern solutions,” which holds true when signing real estate contracts online. If you are in a similar situation or an estate agent with an elusive client, here is a guide on signing real estate contracts online and saving time. Let’s get started.

What are Electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are the digital version of your handwriting that allows you to sign documents in different formats. They are recognized in many countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, Europe, and Nigeria. This modern approach to signing contracts has been adopted worldwide, and electronic signatures can be used to sign all types of documents in 2024.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Signatures?

As the real estate industry embraces digital transformation, adopting electronic signatures brings many benefits, making signing contracts online convenient and efficient. Here are five key benefits showing why real estate professionals and clients should consider incorporating e-signatures into their workflow.

Time Efficiency:

Electronic signatures eliminate the need for physical presence and mailing documents, significantly reducing the time required to complete real estate transactions. With a few clicks, everyone involved can sign contracts instantly, making the overall process faster.

Cost Savings:

Traditional paper-based transactions often incur printing, postage, and storage expenses. E-signatures reduce these costs substantially, contributing to a more budget-friendly and environmentally sustainable approach to real estate dealings.

Enhanced Security:

Advanced encryption technologies ensure the security of electronic signatures, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. Authentication measures also strengthen the integrity of transactions, assuring all parties involved that the signed documents are legitimate and tamper-proof.

Accessibility and Convenience:

Electronic signatures enable flexibility in terms of location and time. Parties involved can sign documents from anywhere worldwide, removing the constraints associated with physical paperwork. This level of accessibility adds convenience to the real estate transaction process.

Audit Trails and Documentation:

Electronic signature platforms often provide detailed audit trails, recording every step of the signing process. This enhances transparency and serves as valuable documentation in case of disputes or legal inquiries, contributing to a smoother and more accountable real estate transaction. 

How to Sign Real Estate Contracts with Electronic Signature Software

Now that you understand the benefits of signing real estate contracts online, let’s walk through the process of signing a contract using electronic signature software:

Create or upload the contract: 

Either create a new contract using the platform’s built-in tools or upload an existing one in a compatible file format (PDF). Ensure that the contract includes all necessary terms and conditions.

Add signatories: 

Identify the parties involved in the contract and specify their roles (e.g., buyer, seller, agent). Enter their email addresses to send them an invitation to sign.

Arrange signing order: 

If there are multiple signatories, determine the order in which they should sign. This can be done by setting a specific signing order or allowing signatories to sign simultaneously.

Review the contract: 

Before sending the contract for signatures, thoroughly review it to ensure accuracy and completeness. Make any necessary changes or additions.

Send for signatures: 

Once you are satisfied with the contract, send it to the designated signatories. They will receive an email notification with a link to access the contract and sign electronically.

Monitor the signing process: 

Use the platform’s tracking and notification features to monitor the signing progress. You can see who has signed and who still needs to sign, and send reminders if necessary.

Complete the signing process: 

Once all parties have signed the contract, the electronic signature software will generate a finalized, legally binding document. This document can be downloaded, saved, and shared as needed.

What is the Best Electronic Signature Software?

There are several reputable electronic signature platforms for signing real estate contracts online. These platforms offer different features and functionalities to cater to the specific needs of real estate professionals and their clients. In no particular order, here is my list of the top 3 best electronic signature software in 2024


Flowmono is a comprehensive electronic signature software designed for the real estate industry. It offers an intuitive interface, advanced security features, and seamless API integration. Flowmono’s user-friendly platform makes it easy for all parties to collaborate, review, and sign contracts online.

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DocuSign is one of the most widely recognized electronic signature platforms globally. It provides a user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and integrations with popular real estate management systems. DocuSign offers a range of plans to suit different business sizes and needs.

Adobe Sign: 

Adobe Sign, part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite, offers a comprehensive solution for signing real estate contracts online. It boasts advanced features such as automated workflows, customizable templates, and integration with other Adobe products. Adobe Sign is known for its user-friendly interface and strong security measures.

How Do You Choose the Best Electronic Signature Software for Your Needs?

With many electronic signature software available, choosing the best one for your real estate needs can be overwhelming. Consider the following factors when choosing an electronic signature software:

Ease of use:

Look for an intuitive and user-friendly platform, ensuring all parties can easily navigate and sign contracts.

Security features: 

Prioritize platforms that offer excellent security measures, such as encryption, audit trails, and multi-factor authentication, to protect sensitive information.

Pricing and plans:

Evaluate the pricing structure and plans offered by different platforms. Consider your budget and the specific features included to make an informed decision.

Reasons to Choose Flowmono as the Official Electronic Signature Software for Your Real Estate Company

Flowmono stands out as an ideal choice for real estate professionals among the various electronic signature software options. Here are some reasons why you should consider using Flowmono as the official electronic signature software for your real estate company:

Tailored for the real estate industry:

Flowmono is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of real estate professionals. It offers specialized features and integrations that streamline the contract signing process.

User-friendly interface: 

Flowmono’s intuitive interface makes it easy for all parties involved to collaborate, review, and sign contracts online. Minimal training is required to get started.

Advanced security measures: 

Flowmono prioritizes the security of your contracts and sensitive information. It uses encryption technology, audit trails, and other security features to ensure the integrity of your documents.

Seamless integration: 

Flowmono seamlessly integrates with other real estate software tools, such as CRM systems and transaction management platforms, allowing for a smooth workflow and enhanced productivity.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for free on Flowmono today to sign your real estate contracts with zero stress.

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